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“Best Financial Training Ever!”

I have participated in several financial training events including “Financial Peace University” by Dave Ramsey. I thoroughly enjoyed Dave’s teaching.

But I learned far more in 3 hours with Bruce than in all the other trainings I have attended combined.

Bruce isn’t so concerned with information…but transformation. Instead of finishing his course with more content packed into my brain, I left his training CHANGED FOREVER…and my finances are reflecting it! 

Instead of information overload, I left with simple action steps that anyone can do. 

Thank You, Bruce Ammons!

Suzanne Garner,

“Bruce’s WISDOM Changed Our Lives!”

Bruce inspired and motivated us like no one has  before. He broke things down into simple steps and we could take immediate action.

We paid off all our debts including our house in only 4 years. We then purchased a rental house that will be paid off in the next 6 months.

The truths from The DEBTonator Course
have put us on the path to create our own economy and build wealth in spite of the economy.

 If I were to use one word to describe Bruce’s teaching, it would be the word…WISDOM.

He changed our lives! We will buy everything he ever produces. His stuff is invaluable!

Travis and Lisa Bruster, Texas


Huge Debts Paid off...Fast! 

ALL Debt - including Mortgage - Paid off in 5 Years...or Less. 


  • Imagine...Zero financial debt…ZERO! No house payment, no car payments, no credit card payments, no medical debt…ZERO FINANCIAL DEBT! How does it feel?

  • Imagine...Having $2000, $3000, $4000 per month more than you need…EVERY MONTH! How does that feel?

  •  Imagine...Financial stress and pressure leave your life FOREVER! How does that feel?

  •  Imagine...A credit score of 850! Every creditor in the world is competing for your business…yes they want to make YOU A LOAN…at the lowest rates available in the industry. How does it feel that loan officers everywhere are BEGGING YOU TO TAKE A LOAN FROM THEM?

  • Imagine...Refusing the aforementioned loan offer because you DO NOT NEED A LOAN ANYMORE. You have much more money than month…every month. So how does it feel to turn a loan officer down?

  • Imagine...A romantic evening with your spouse with ZERO FINANCIAL TENSION or distraction. Your financial success has eliminated 90% of all your marriage problems. How would that feel?

  •  Imagine...GIVING YOUR BEST TO YOUR CHILDREN, because financial problems are a thing of the past. How would that feel?

  • Imagine...Your SELF ESTEEM SOARS, because these results did not come through bankruptcy. They came because of successful and hard work on your part. YOU HAVE NEVER FELT THIS GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. What does this feel like?

  • Imagine...You have attended debt elimination courses before, only to become overwhelmed and frustrated? But, after completing The DEBTonator Course, you are FINALLY FINANCIALLY FREE! How does that feel?

  •  Imagine...CELEBRATING YOUR DEBT ELIMINATION SUCCESS by taking friends or family on the VACATION OF A LIFETIME! Oh yeah…and you pay for it in cash. How would that feel?

  •  Imagine...your newfound freedom results in SECURITY, INNER PEACE, and FREE TIME.  How does this feel? (I can see the smile on your face…WOW, you are even better looking when the financial woes go away!)

  • Imagine...a new aura surrounds you. It is almost as if you are glowing. People who never used to give you the time of day notice and now want to be your friend. How does this feel?

Hi There!

My name is Bruce Ammons. Some of the above claims may sound to good to be true. However, these kinds of things really do happen for those who rapidly pay off financial debt.

I should know. After years of financial struggle, I paid off all debt including a 30-Year mortgage in less than 5 years (while on a small church preacher’s salary).

I have since led 500+ financial freedom seminars for businesses and/or churches across the United States. The results have been astounding:

  • Bob and Amy (schoolteachers) paid off all debt including a 30-Year mortgage in 11 months.
  • Dr. Jack and Sara paid off $289,000 of debt in 1 year.
  • Hundreds more examples I could share with you.
However, after all these seminars, I began to notice something…some people would leave the seminars with enthusiasm, only to get discouraged and give up a few months later.

In conversations with them, it became evident that overwhelm and discouragement had beaten them down. They needed something more. They needed something different.

Welcome to The DEBTonator Course™! Finally, something different, creative, and doable for EVERYONE!

 What makes this course different?

  • This course breaks down the action steps to rapid debt elimination, and delivers them to your email box in weekly “bite sized” chunks. This is the opposite of overwhelm. Consider this a drip-line success system.
  • Your job…read the short lesson (sometimes only 2-3 pages), do the action steps for the week, and your debt begins to disappear!
  • You see results fast. The first 4 weeks of the course are preparing you for the “30 Days of Debt Demolition.” Beginning Week 5, you embark on a 30 day debt elimination blitz.
  • New creative content, never before seen in America.
  • Increase your Cash Flow quickly.
  • It works for EVERYONE, EVERYTIME.   
Your initial charge will be $17.00. You will then be charged $17.00 a month for the next 5 months.

This resource includes 26 lessons: every 7 days, a download link will be  delivered to your email inbox. This download link will be for a PDF document, and your lesson will be available immediately. Each lesson has a teaching segment, followed by a short Action Checklist.

Do the Action Steps each week…your debt DISAPPEARS…right before your eyes.

In addition to these lessons, you will receive bonuses at least every 60 days. (In fact, your first bonus arrives on Day 9.) In one of these bonuses, you discover a sneaky (yet legal, moral, and ethical) debt shifting strategy that I paid over $5000 to learn!

**”100%, No Questions Asked, Take-It-To-The-Bank Money Back Guarantee”** 

This course will be worth far more than your investment or your money back.

ACT Now!

Take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer. Click the box below, and place your order now.

P.S. Do you really want to keep making minimum payments (most of which goes to INTEREST)? Do you want to miss out on this one of a kind course at its lowest price ever? Do you really want to keep on living like you have been living…stressed and stretched? Of course you do not. Click the link below to order now!

Your initial charge will be $17.00. You will then be charged $17.00 a month for the next 5 months.


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